About Our Campaign

Evil has overrun the country of Wynndemere. For almost a decade now, untold horrors have swept the lands, affecting even the most remote and nomadic of peoples. There has been no fighter strong enough to face the sudden influx of abberations and monstrosities that have risen up from the darkest circles of hell to take refuge in the once peaceful country; no cleric wise enough to quell the diseases sweeping the nation; no wizard or sorcerer skilled enough to stop the disasters that shake the foundation of every town and city.

Until now.

King Elric, the king of the city Thaydon, has issued a plea, sending every bird and bard within the high castle of Morwick to ask every people to offer their best and brightest for a mission of utmost importance. He’s alluded to knowing the cause of the blight that has struck Wynndemere, and needs a talented group to go forth to bring an end to the terror—a feat that will be handsomely rewarded upon completion.

You will come forward to aid the king in his quest to end the blight, no matter what your reason.